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HTML/PHP links

Mozilla/Netscape 6+ Sidebars Handy Sidebars for HTML and CSS Quick Reference
XChat Great irc client for Linux and Windows.
PHP site Excellent resource for anything PHP.
HTML Validation Service Validate any site. Also CSS validation

Linux and related stuff

Spamassassin eats spam (the e-mail kind).
LinuxTodayNews site for Linux related news.

New Zealand stuff

George FM New Zealand Herald (aka The Granny Herald)

TV and DVD stuff

DigitalSpy UK Based site for all things TV - including good forums on DTT (FreeView)
Asia Pacific FTA Sat TV Guide Great place for Region 1 and 2 dvd's.

News sites

Aardvark Commentary from Bruce Simpson. Updated daily - worth a read.
The Register

Other stuff

VOIP Info Wiki